Www.quickpayportal.com || Pay Medical bills with Quickpayportal using Quickpay code

www.quickpayportal.com is the official website for the Quickpay portal service. Dont know what is QuickPay Portal and how to make use of it? Down below you can find all the information regarding the amazing medical billing service.

Athenahealth has come up with a unique service called the athenaCollector Quickpay Portal, which is a billing website. The QuickpayPortal is designed with the intention to help patients to pay medical balances online quickly and easily.

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How to use Quickpayportal @ www.quickpayportal?

Quickpay portal service by Athenahealth can be accessed to pay the outstanding bills online quickly and in a secure way. To pay the bills, one should have the Quickpay code which can be found on the patient statement.

  • First visit the official website for QuickpayPortal which is www.quickpayportal.com.
  • Enter the Quickpay code to sign In to the portal
  • Now you can see the bills to be paid. Thoroughly verify the bill amount with that shown on the Patient statement.
  • Now choose the payment method to pay the bill.
  • Once again review the payment transaction and complete the payment. Make sure to print or save the receipt generated.

Quickpay portal provides an easy and alternative way to pay medical balances online.Any Medical organization to use QuickPay service, must have the following services:

  • AthenaCollector service
  • U.S.Bank Lockbox Account
  • AthenaMailbox service
  • Athenahealth’s integrated credit card processing with e-commerce merchant ID (MID) enabled

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Frequently asked questions about QuickPayPortal:

1.What is QuickPay Code?

QuickPay code is the 15 digit code which is also called Statement ID or Access Code. You can get this from the Patient statement provided by the Hospital. You have to enter the QuickPay code in order to sign In to the QuickPayportal and pay the bill.

2.Will I get any confirmation after payment is made?

Yes, you will recieve immediate payment confirmation, after the payment is made with www.quickpayportal.com

3.Can I review the statements or Payment history?
Yes, you can review your statements or  Payment history through QuickPayportal. Also, you can set up one-time or recurring payments using the QuickPay portal. 

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